Henbury Court Primary Academy

Rich Stubbings

I was born in Cornwall but my family quickly whisked me and my sister off to Scotland for a few years. Then we made the huge journey back down south to Hampshire, to a small village surrounded by a forest filled with cuckoos, deer and … well, trees! Obviously that’s where my mates and I spent most of our time, making dens and running about with crazy abandon.

My Y5 and Y6 primary school days were spent on the Mediterranean island of Malta – sunshine, blue skies and a deliciously warm sea. When I arrived back in England for Y7 I remember being struck by two things: how green it was here (in Malta there weren’t many trees and any grass there was usually yellow), and how amazing it was that, when an ambulance came near sirens blazing, everyone moved out of the way – an example of humanity at its best. After completing a degree in music, I came to Bristol – and have never since left this wonderful city, apart from holidays to many exciting places around the world! I live in central Bristol with Esther and our Y8 son Ronan.

I’ve been teaching for many years in primary schools, mainly in KS2, and am really pleased to have recently joined Henbury Court in Y5/6 class Pine. Oh, and I love singing with anyone who’ll sing with me and I once went to a party dressed as a frog.