Henbury Court Primary Academy



PE begins in the classroom with clear learning outcomes communicated to pupils who are reminded of the Primary Talk steps.  Previous learning is discussed within the review, retrieve, preview format which links each block of lessons together.  Skills are broken up into simple, achievable steps with video and teacher/pupil modelling to assist learning. 

Physical Education plays a significant role in the development of all pupils at Henbury Court; both in terms of physical literacy as well as social skills.  The schemes of work we teach include Val Sabin - whereby learning takes place outside through the use of traditional games/sports.  Alongside this, we use the Jasmine Primary PE platform; an online resource focusing on the development of the whole child. 

Both schemes of work allow both individual and team-based opportunities to develop learning. Together, these schemes of work allow our pupils to enjoy a broad but purposeful experience of PE, where performance outcomes do not become a barrier to progress.