Henbury Court Primary Academy



At Henbury Court, your child will develop:

A positive attitude

We love learning at Henbury Court!  We try our best and we support one another to help us achieve the best we can.  This helps us to have a positive attitude to learning and the exciting journey ahead of us!


The natural inquisitiveness of children is encouraged and is central to the learning process.  Children are encouraged to explore, challenge and question throughout the day, which helps us make links in learning.

Self confidence and resilience

Through trusting relationships with all members of the team and class, children at Henbury Court will grow into self-confident and self-assured individuals who are ready to take on any challenge.


The children will learn what it means to be part of a team - sharing, listening, leading, supporting and respecting one another.  Teamwork makes the dream work!


Being independent helps us to participate in a variety of activities with increasing confidence and skill.  We work hard on building independence from day 1!


Please see our welcome booklet.  For further enquiries, or to arrange a visit, then please contact Miss Carter (EYFS lead).