Henbury Court Primary Academy



At Henbury Court, our aim is to create a learning environment of enthusiasm and curiosity for the world around us.  Our Science lessons focus on developing learners that are curious and are able to experiment as well as evaluate and conclude.  Science is a key subject for understanding all the incredible ways that the world operates.

Our lessons are planned in a way that promotes children’s these skills:

  • being able to understand what occurs around us
  • predicting how certain things will behave
  • explaining and reasoning the outcomes of experiments

At Henbury Court, we focus on embedding core knowledge and scientific vocabulary as well as developing the skills of fair and comparative tests, observation over time, pattern seeking, identifying and classifying findings, research and evaluation, and studying ideas over time.

This means that at the end of every scientific journey, children will be able to use the correct scientific vocabulary to explain their learning path, analyse data and draw conclusions.  Our young learners will be confident to present the work they have completed in class and engage in discussions about their scientific learning and interests.

In addition to our lesson planning, we have been using interactive resources to motivate our learners. (see https://explorify.uk/

Science clubs are also available for children who are looking forward to mastering the scientific world!

To read about our science curriculum in full, click here