Henbury Court Primary Academy


At Henbury Court, we believe reading is fundamental to the education of the children in our school.  It is the gateway that unlocks the curriculum.  We're proud of our reading offer that is accessible to all children who attend Henbury Court.

2 books, 3 reads

Our home reading offer uses the wonderful catalogue of books from Oxford University Press.  We've invested in a large selection of modern home reading resources for you to enjoy with your child.  Whether it's a non-fiction book on windmills, a poem or a classic fiction book with Biff, Chip and Kipper we've got it covered.

1:1 reading

Each week, the class teacher will hear your child read.  This may be in a 1:1 session or it may be part of a group of children in Key Stage 2.  Please make sure your child comes to school with their reading record so the teacher can write in there to track progress with you at home.


The building blocks behind early reading.  Phonics in the EYFS and KS1 is taught daily.  Your child will come home with a reading for pleasure book (from the class library) as well as a book matched to their own phonetic ability.  This book is critical as it allows the children to practice the phonics they have been taught in school.

Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension is taught daily at Henbury Court.  The structure of our sessions are similar throughout the school.  We share a book, or text, on the whiteboard and discuss the plot, language features and meaning.  We develop fluency and learn to read like readers, using strategies identified in our teaching and learning handbook.