Henbury Court Primary Academy


Curriculum Intent

The intent for the curriculum in all Endeavour schools is that it inspires and supports all pupils to place themselves, events and new information in time and to be able to use this understanding to question, challenge and interpret the world around them.

Our curriculum will help pupils to become:

Confident and self-aware: 

Children will be able to join in and contribute to lessons, activities and the wider community.  They will be self-aware, understanding their impact on others and the impact of events and people on the world.

Intrinsically motivated: 

Children will develop a deep motivation for learning and understand how to find out new information.  They will ask questions to deepen their understanding and be able to make links between new learning and what they know already.


Children will have a sense of pride in their achievements and be able to recognise where they have made progress and set themselves ambitious goals for the future.

Our planned curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework.  Material is planned and delivered through three golden threads; time, technology and human endeavour. 

These golden threads will help children link ideas together and develop an increasing sense of the world and the impact of humans over time.